The breathtaking seaside town of Saint-Tropez, on the French Riveria, has been a magnet for celebrities since the 1950s. Legendary French starlet Brigitte Bardot’s purchase of a Saint-Tropez home brought international attention, and soon celebrities from Orson Welles to Mick Jagger flocked to the secluded beaches. Today, Saint-Tropez regulars include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, Leonardo Dicaprio, David and Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Jay Z, and more. What makes this jet set resort so special? Amid the crystal blue waters, lush gardens, and pink-roofed houses, you can find a brand of luxury unlike any in the world.

Private Luxury

One of the major aspects of Saint-Tropez that draws in the rich and famous is the access to seclusion. Though you may see paparazzi pictures of actors, pop stars, and politicians on their luxury yachts, it is rare that a prying lens invades a celebrity’s waterfront villa. The gardens surrounding the vacation homes are just as much of an amenity as the swimming pools and amazing views. Not to mention, the nightlife in Saint-Tropez is known for being exclusive. Clubs like the famous VIP Room are members only, allowing some of the most famous people in the world to dance the night away in an atmosphere of decadent sophistication. Designer Karl Lagerfeld has called the VIP Room the best club in the world.

Hotel Byblos

Opened in 1967, Hotel Byblos is arguably Saint-Tropez’s most legendary spot, where Bardot often spent holidays, and where Jagger proposed to his first wife. The colorful, Mediterranean village design gives way to 41 rooms, a spa, and Alain Ducasse’s elegant restaurant, Rivea. The hotel is also home to Saint-Tropez’s other world-famous nightclub, Les Caves du Roy. The energy is electric, and you’ll probably see someone famous, but it’s definitely a night out for luxury spenders who are willing to plunk down plenty of euros for a fine bottle of champagne. Hotel Byblos is also located right in the midst of the town’s best boutiques and shopping opportunities.
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Things to do in Saint-Tropez

When visitors to Saint-Tropez are not spending time on luxury yachts, exploring private villas, or enjoying glamorous nightlife, they can take in the local scenery. The Place de Lices, the town’s central square, features 100-year-old plane trees and an open-air market where tourists can buy fresh produce. In the summer, the streets are filled with luxury cars from Ferraris to Mercedes. Every year, the town council has the height of the speed bumps raised and lowered to suit the latest models. The Musée de l’Annonciade offers fine french art from painters like Matisse and Seurat, and it’s located in a former chapel. Otherwise, the seven-mile walking tour of Saint-Tropez’s coast, called le Sentier du Littoral, will take you past some of the smaller, lesser-known beaches, for anyone who wants a break from the jet set lifestyle.

Since the end of World War II, the once-quaint fishing village of Saint-Tropez exploded into a fashionable magnet for artists, writers, and international celebrities. This beautifully secluded French Riviera hot spot continues to attract over five million visitors every year who are drawn to to luxury, Mediterranean style.

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