Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is an internationally famous luxury hotel that offers not only exquisitely furnished rooms and suites but also is packed full inside and out with such a large array of guest activity rooms and areas as to make it really more than a hotel, a full-fledged resort that operates both Summer and Winter alike. A retreat oft frequented by royalty, the super rich, artists, actors, and foreign dignitaries, Badrutt’s Palace was made the more well-known by its inclusion in Noel Coward’s Private Lives as the scene of the main characters’ honeymoon. The original Hotel Beau Rivage became the current Badrutt’s Palace after it was purchased and completely renovated by Caspar Badrutt and his descendants beginning in 1892. The Palace’s presence in St. Moritz was the single most important factor in this little Swiss mountain village becoming not merely a Summer but also a Winter resort town. The Swiss Alps’ rugged peaks and thick evergreen forests that surround this hotel along with the clear, peaceful waters of Lake St. Moritz nearby make for an inspiring display of natural beauty that visitors will never forget.
Badrutt's Palace Hotel
The hotel contains 159 rooms, 38 of them suites. The Standard level accommodation is fully furnished with a large bed, a desk, a television and DVD player, a full use bathroom and shower, and more, and has 172 to 236 sq. ft. of floor space. The Superior, Deluxe, and Grand Deluxe rooms essentially offer the same but with increased space and bigger and better televisions, bathrooms, beds, etc. All rooms offer a picturesque view of the village below, of the mountain-top point known as Corviglia, and of the surrounding Alpine scenery. Suites add yet more to the luxury experience, and special events can be scheduled in the Embassy Ballroom, on Veranda West, and elsewhere in the hotel.

Activities offered guests vary greatly in scope and adjust to the Winter or Summer season. There is a sports grounds that facilitates numerous sports, including: soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and ice skating. A world class bobsled slide and skiing areas are available for Winter use, and hiking among the green, flower-covered hillsides sets the beauty of the Summertime Alps before you at every step. Inside the building, there is a pool, spa, fitness center, organic treatment centre with Alpine garden seen through glass walls, the Palace Galerie Shopping Mile, and the
Kids’ Club Palazzino where children can have scheduled day care and an educational and fun time.

A number of snack and meal choices are conveniently located right within the hotel property. Among these are: Le Restaurant (French cuisine), Le Relais (Japanese food), Belle Epoque restaurant, suchi, and cocktail bar, Renaisssance Bar, Le Bistro restaurant, and Acapulco snack bar. The dining areas are attractively decorated and are a respite from a busy day as well as a place to try a variety of exceptional dishes.

Outside of the hotel grounds in and near the village of St. Moritz, there are many other attractions the guest at Badrutt’s Palace may wish to get out and see. Firstly, he or she should consider riding on the Glacier Express- a cable car system that passes close to three high mountain tops on its way from Zermatt to St. Moritz. Next, it would be interesting to visit the St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic Bobrun and watch the bobsledders race and train in the piste. Finally, there are many ski trails and hiking trails in the vicinity and several beautiful Alpine lakes to explore.