Are you considering a luxury travel trip with a select group of employees or clients for your corporate event? A rented vessel from SeaDream Yacht Club may be the venue you are looking for to entertain yourselves and your guests in style. A SeaDream luxury yacht has the facilities to accommodate just 56 couples to provide luxurious intimacy. These couples will be pampered by an award-winning crew of 95. The resulting privacy and intensity of service will make you feel as if you were on your very own luxury yacht.

SeaDream has two luxury yachts to chose from for your vacation on the water. Each one emphasizes an enthusiasm for style, quality, and casual perfection. Consider some of the finer experiences each yacht offers.

Each yacht has a small casino on board to satisfy the need to flirt with lady luck. Enjoy the thrill of gambling small or big with your fellow passengers.Luxury Yacht, Luxury travel, corporate incentives

Each luxury yacht comes equipped with a swimming pool and hot tub. Enjoy relaxing in the sun poolside while visiting with your significant other.

Each luxury yacht offers a yoga room and yoga classes. This is perfect to help you stay in shaped during your luxury voyage.

Are you not a yoga person? Do you still want some light activity? Each yacht’s digital driving range allows you to get some moderate exercise while keeping you swing honed while you are away at sea.

Cuisine and Bar
It goes with out saying each yacht has a well stocked bar and a rich selection of food for your meals. Caviar is available.

The spacious cabins for the passengers of each SeaDream luxury yacht have queen and king sized beds, living areas, and all your media needs to stay in touch with the world while you are away. Each cabin is a four star hotel room far out at sea.

Do you feel like taking a spin yourself on the open water? Each luxury yacht is stocked with small boating vehicles passengers can enjoy at various ports and docks.

Each luxury yacht is equipped with a large outdoor screen to turn a portion of the deck into a beautiful movie center under the stars. Enjoy contemporary films or broadcasts of select plays, operas, and musicals.

Too much vacation can be stressful, even on a luxury yacht like one of the SeaDreams. Relax from the concentration of luxury by visiting the on-board spa for a relaxing massage. Spa services can even be taken to the decks of the yacht. Enjoy a pampering foot massage while watching a sunset or the deep, blue ocean waves.

Entertainment Lounge
Each SeaDream luxury yacht has an exclusive entertainment lounge where live performances occur regularly. Enjoy a peaceful piano ballad or a swinging singer belting out period pieces far out at sea on your yacht of luxury.

Port Activities
Each port a SeaDream luxury yacht visits is filled with some of the best vacation activities available. You’ll be able to zip down a zipline near a tropical coast, ride All Terrain Vehicles on a beach, or simply ride a bicycle through a quite coastal town.

Star Gazing
Star gazing is a perfect activity far away at sea where the light pollution from the mainland is removed. Enjoy staring at the night sky with help of crew to point out the fascinating wonders of our heavens.

Truly, SeaDream luxury yachts offers everything you need to feel exclusive and pampered on a sea vacation. Consider booking a cabin for yourself and a loved one through our luxury travel website today.